Senior Software Developer

İstanbul, Ataşehir/İstanbul, Turkey
İlan Tarihi
12 / 11 / 2020
İstanbul, Ataşehir/İstanbul, Turkey
Bilgi İşlem > Uzman / Kıdemli Uzman
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Job Description
Runing his/her job with minimal support.
Determining usually independently the business priorities and the method to be used.
Having knowledge and experience of application development tools, methods and technologies and guides less experienced professionals.
Advising the customer in determining the needs.
Leading project teams and supporting the manager in using the skills of the team members working with him/her in the most efficient way and managing the project risks in this area.
Having responsible for designing and developing application software to meet the business needs of the customer, application maintenance services such as writing "fix" and providing localization support such as Turkish translation for international software products.
Working alone or as part of a team to provide pre-sales and after-sales technical support when necessary.
Producing alternative solutions to problems with using her/his analytical skills and creativity.
Understanding the business needs of the customer and performs application development activities such as application design, programming and function tests, with minimal support, in line with these business needs. Getting support from its manager or more experienced professionals in complex application designs.
Doing coding, resource programs equipment facilitating understandability with comments, and making documentation of developed programs (program lists, flow charts, sequence structures, record patterns, screens, printouts, reference books).
Ensuring that source codes and complementary applications are backed up in the most up-to-date manner and are available on the relevant servers in accordance with common working procedures.
Performing the functional tests of the applications, documents the test results, analyzing and solving the problems encountered during the tests and resolving the problems that arising during the end-to-end tests performed by the Customer Support Services.
Analyzes customer problems in the production environment and solves them in accordance with intervention times. It makes the necessary information entries to the created "Problem and Solution Application" on time and completely. Uses the "Problem and Solution Application" in problem solving effectively.
Carrying out activities related to translating international practices into Turkish and making them compatible with financial legislation.
Providing technical support to sales teams when necessary in creating new opportunities and turning them into sales. Working closely with the project manager or the System Integration Department in the development of solutions in complex projects. Carrying out pre-sales activities such as proof of concept that the solution is suitable for business needs.
Following up the developments (tools, architecture, technology) in the sector and application development area, and recommends improvements for existing or new applications to be developed.
Being responsible for the timely and error-free completion of the projects in his/her area of responsibility and also budget. The quality of the work done and the communication with the customer affecting to customer satisfaction.


1. Analysis of business needs
2. Use of application development tools and methodologies
3. Debugging applications
4. Designing applications using databases and "middleware"
5. Using "Code Generation" tools
6.Using library management tools
7. Designing application solutions
8. Designing "Client / Server" applications
9.Using test support tools
10. Test environment management
11. Test planning
12. Industry / sector knowledge

Core Competencies
Being trustworthiness
Teamwork and cooperation
Owning the job
Being customer oriented
The urge to succeed
Passion for work
Creative problem solving
Ability to comply with the conditions and the environment
Adaptation to conditions and the environment